issuesYesterday we addressed some of the issues which have been raised as a result of the prospect of the changes caused by my move to Wrose.

The following things were agreed.

Day to Day Co-ordination: Hilary Paley

Decision making should continue to be done by regular summit meetings.

Contact details will be changed on the website to reflect this.

Pastoral care will continue to be offered by the group and difficult cases can be referred to Colin.

Shipley/Saltaire will continue to be our general location for mission and ministry, however that does not preclude our working elsewhere as the Spirit leads.

We have agreed to leave the bank account etc as it stands in the moment. We can move the account to Wrose or create a separate charity in March next year whatever seems appropriate the time.

There was some discussion about our connection the Diocese and it was agreed that some compromises might be necessary but no final decision was taken.

Hilary and Val were feeling led to start a women’s group.

Kate and Carol had been investigating the possibility of offering a regular ‘ikon’ type to the local community. Saltaire Methodist had offered their building for such an event on the 4th Sunday of the month.

Carol asked us to think about the question of ‘who were really are and what do we mean to each other.’

It this point we stopped for tea and agreed to follow-up this and other questions at Breakfast next week.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion and to the wonderful tea that we shared.