1210ap-communityGod and Community (Journeying together)
Perhaps the most stunning discovery of the Church in almost 2000 years of reflection is that God is, in his own nature, community – Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Humanity carries this same divine pattern – and so we have this feeling that we might discover ourselves most fully and reach our greatest potential when we practise community. In we are therefore very interested in exploring what it might mean for a group of people with the usual human mix of circumstance and experience – both good and tough – to be a Christian faith community now, and to see what impact for good that might have in our wider communities.

Community Life
In the Gospels Jesus is continually portrayed as creating community, and restoring community where it has broken down. He is frequently pictured sharing a meal with people. Inspired by this we make a priority of being together around food and drink every week in our community.

Here we share life together, try to work out how to live in the light of Jesus and pray for each other and for the world. We are usually working with a piece of scripture, a book or an idea. The community meals are usually in our home (6 Glenhurst Road Shipley), and the meal is a simple one, and occasionally we remember Jesus in Bread & Wine.