employee-engagementGod and Engagement (Working and praying for a world of peace, hope and justice)
John’s Gospel says: the Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood. We sense God’s continuing engagement with this wonderful and heartbreaking world now. We believe that as a Christ-following community we are called to look for signs of God’s engagement, point towards such signs and celebrate them, and even be willing to become such a sign ourselves. Our role? We are looking to get engaged in our local setting – where we live and work – and on the wider scale in issues like climate chaos, world poverty, economic justice, human rights, peace-making and health care.

So how do we do that?

We are seeking to make a difference for the wider world around us in the name of Christ. This is not through creating big new social programmes (there’s plenty of those around here) but in 3 ways: Firstly through the small everyday stuff of looking out for our neighbour and caring for the stranger. Secondly through getting involved as individuals in the big issues with people and organisations that have the expertise and are already engaged. Thirdly, people in the community who sense a calling to engage in a particular way are given encouragement and space to initiate something around and to offer this space to others.

Much of what we do is small, unspectacular, even hidden, but there’s good precedent for that – check out the stories Jesus told of the kingdom coming in the Gospels.