GraceSpace Values

hook-core-valuesWe are a group of ordinary people who are doing their best to follow Jesus. For us the important things are to meet, eat, create, have fun and do small things which engage with the community. At GraceSpace we express this way of being through a series of values. These are explained in more detail in the pages that follow. However at a recent Summit meeting we agreed a short form of words that encapsulated all that we are trying to be as a fellowship.


Our Values

We will reflect Jesus as we try to…

Live generously. Seek simplicity.

Act creatively. Hear every voice

and find a seat for every bottom.

Play. Eat. Celebrate.

Bear with one another.

Ask more questions and give fewer answers.

Build a safe harbour from which to take risks.

And love. Love God

Love one another and the world –

Fully, Freely, Recklessly, Endlessly…