simplicity_banner_458God and Simplicity: (searching for a prayerful and connected life)
The God who tells us to be still and know that he is God, is calling us to a simplicity of life. By drawing deeper into the great wells of Christian spirituality we seek more balanced, prayerful and simple ways to live.

Regular prayer, wherever we are, is the foundation for simplicity in this community. Drawing on various Christian prayer traditions we are working out we might begin to make prayer space in our busy lives.

Friends and family
We place a very high value on spending time with family and friends, so the week is not packed full of stuff.

Rhythm of life
As in any community some ‘business’ meetings are part of life, but we keep them to a minimum, and they are held in a very informal setting. Once a quarter we hold a ‘GraceSpace Summit’ which allows everyone to discuss prayerfully where we are and where God is leading. We will let go of those activities which are not working and look for the leading of the Spirit for those that will replace them.

Time out
We believe that making time in the working week for rest and recreation is vital for well-being. Regular retreats and holidays are also important ingredients in the search for simple connected living.