may-the-4th-be-with-youIn celebration of Star Wars Day our breakfast gathering took on distinctly galactic proportions. We thought together about the ‘Gospel According to Star Wars’.

anakin-skywalker-star-warsWe talked about the life of Darth Vader. When we first meet him he is the main villain and lackey to the evil emperor. However as the saga unfolds we are presented with a fuller picture which traces his path from a bright young boy to the adult who is more machine than man.

darth-vaderThe transformation is caused by his response to life, which is more and more one of anger, hatred and jealousy all of which causes him to slip more and more into the Darkside. There is a truth in this – our way responding to a situation especially if we make a bad choice can over time become a habit and hard to change. We also tend to dwell on our mistakes far more than on our successes.

Luke (who we discover is Vader’s son) says there is still good in him. Vader says that this is not true. We wondered whether we give up trying to change something in our lives because it is too hard. However at the last, Vader sacrifices himself to save Luke from death at the hands of the Emperor. This proves that there is always the possibility for redemption even for the most lost. We watched the Lego version of the final scene to illustrate the point.

We then settled down to a well earned breakfast prepared as usual by Mark and Katy (Thank you!).