Breakfast returned to our schedule after the summer break. Also returning to our midst was Kate Beck, who shared about her recent visit to Sudan. We joined together in drinking Hibiscus tea and dates essential ingredients of the Sudanese diet. In some ways as we shared it felt like a communion was taking place.

P1090139Then came the dressing up. Joanne and Kevin modelled for us the attire of a respectable married couple.

P1090134P1090136Kate then told us how she had led a team of people in the submission of a grant application. It may not seem very exciting to work at a desk even in Sudan but the £10 million pounds will help so many people. God is able to use all our gifts.

Finally we learned about a man from Sudan who appears in the Old Testament. Ebed-Melek the Cushite helps Jeremiah when he is throw into a cistern. In return God promises to care for and protect him. Kate reminded us that it is who we are that matters not what we do or where we live.

Then breakfast was served and consumed, newspapers were read and conversation enjoyed. Our thanks go to Katy and Nick for the breakfast and Kate for the insight into Sudan.