Belong.Believe.BecomeYesterday we began the Advent Season we a hearty breakfast, cooked to perfection as always by Katy and Mark – thanks to you both!

In our devotions we thought about the Celtic practice of ‘Blessing’. We discovered that the blessing of God was over all of creation in Genesis 1 continues to exist despite the subsequent curses that resulted from the fall. Noah and Abraham both receive the same blessing from God. The latter is told that as God blesses him so he would become a blessing to the world. We read from Genesis 32:24-30 where Jacob wrestles with God for a blessing and receives a change of name. He becomes Israel through whom God intended to bless his creation.

Finally we considered the Celtic mission practice which was to move into a neighbourhood and to bless its people, they would belong and people would find community together. This belonging led to people believing in Jesus becoming the people he intended them to be and thus being a blessing to others.

Bless – Belong – Believe – Become – Bless

Not a bad format for mission today!