20100903_busyness-is-the-new-spirituality_poster_imgYesterday at breakfast we began to think about the problem of ‘Busyness’. The question was ‘How do we find time for God in a world that is so busy?’

Here are some of the quotes that we used to illustrate the problem.

“We live in a world that want us to be busy,” “The world says the more we are involved in, the more important we are, and not being ‘productive’ is bad. “

I feel like I’m over-booked, over-spent, and running on empty. I know and believe that God is present in my busy life – but how do I stop to meet the Lord and to refill my empty soul?

We created a ‘Life Balance’ wheel to illustrate for ourselves what things in our lives take the greatest amount of our time. Here is a blank wheel for you to undertake the exercise.

Life Balance

Just label the sections (e.g. work, family, leisure etc.) and see what it shows you about how you spend your time.

Then we shared our discoveries. It was worrying that the young people had caught our busyness habit even at their young age.

We thought about taking time out for God – switching off all the technology etc. Or some preferred to make use of their activity to focus on God – praying whilst ironing or walking to work etc. However this was achieved – balance was important for our spiritual growth


Then we shared in a very leisurely fashion an excellent breakfast provided by Mark and Katy. Our thanks go to them for all their hard work.