Today we gathered together to share in a Brunch with Barnabas. After our cereals and toast we met in the living room where as you can see, the setting for the life of Barnabas had been re-created with amazing accuracy (lol!). Sarah and Becka were wonderful as our map makers – adding the place names and journey arrows exactly where they should go.

Barnabas began his journey by leaving Cyprus to go to Jerusalem, where he became a believer in Jesus. He helped the newly converted Paul gain acceptance amongst the Jerusalem Christians. he then travelled to Antioch with Paul where they joined the church. Eventually he and Paul were sent out with the good news and travelled via Cyprus to much of what is now Turkey where. Finally they travelled home to Antioch and then on to Jerusalem to tell the church what had happened.

The outcome of the journey of Barnabas was that the church was changed forever. The inherited church in Jerusalem which had for many years used a ‘come to us’ strategy found that their influence waned the farther away people lived.  Whereas the Antioch church adopted the ‘we’ll go to you’ approach so often used today by fresh expressions, which had a much wider impact. After a great council in Jerusalem they came to terms with each other and then became interdependent. Perhaps there are lessons here for the church to learn.

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