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Breakfast Report – January 2014

EpiphanyFor the first Breakfast of 2014 we thought about the meaning and events of the Epiphany.

Many of us were introduced to Epiphany through the familiar silhouetted-image of Three Wise Men bearing gifts as they followed the Great Star by night. In some cultures, Epiphany is known as the Day of the Kings (Dia de los Reyes). It is also known as Twelfth Day or Twelfth Night, reflecting an old custom of giving a gift for each of the days from December 25 to January 6 for the 12 days of Christmas. The day has special meaning for a number of reasons. Several branches of Christianity celebrate the birth of the Christ Child on January 6th.

What can we learn from the Wise Men?

First, the Wise Men began their journey because of their beliefs.
It was a common belief that when a world leader like a king was born that a special stellar phenomenon would appear in the sky. The Magi saw something that convinced them that they had seen the long-awaited sign. Historians tell us that the Jews, the Romans, and the Persians were all watching the skies about that time, looking for signs of the birth of an extraordinary king. A few years before, around 11 BC, Halley’s Comet had been seen. The Wise Men saw the star and began their journey.

May God give us all inspiration for this year’s journey.

Second, the Wise Men were willing to follow what they had seen into unknown territory.
Their journey took them outside their country and their comfort zone. The Wise Men risked the consequences of disobeying Herod, who was known to behave as a madman when provoked and returned to their country by another way.

The Christian journey is often an off-road excursion.

Third, the Wise Men were committed to the journey — wherever the star might lead.
The Wise Men set out to find a newborn King by following a star and ended up in finding a baby born to young, relatively poor parents! Not exactly what they expected and not exactly what befit their dignity as priests.

In this coming year, may we look to heaven for guidance and comfort and may we accept God’s blessings in whatever forms we find them, just as the Wise Men accepted that their long, expensive journey led them to a baby born to young, inexperienced parents who lived on the poor side of town.

Finally, the Wise Men brought gifts.
They did the thing that people in the East or in Africa or in India would do when visiting royalty. They brought gifts.

On this Epiphany, think of the gift that you will offer to God in the coming year. The gift of time? The gift of your talents? Your service in the community? Your witness and testimony? The gift of undying love and devotion?

Here is a pdf of the powerpoint that we used.


P1100066We followed this by making prayer beads to help us focus on our prayers for the coming year.


As usual Katy and Mark produced a brilliant breakfast for us to share – our thanks go to them for their hard work.


Belong.Believe.BecomeYesterday we began the Advent Season we a hearty breakfast, cooked to perfection as always by Katy and Mark – thanks to you both!

In our devotions we thought about the Celtic practice of ‘Blessing’. We discovered that the blessing of God was over all of creation in Genesis 1 continues to exist despite the subsequent curses that resulted from the fall. Noah and Abraham both receive the same blessing from God. The latter is told that as God blesses him so he would become a blessing to the world. We read from Genesis 32:24-30 where Jacob wrestles with God for a blessing and receives a change of name. He becomes Israel through whom God intended to bless his creation.

Finally we considered the Celtic mission practice which was to move into a neighbourhood and to bless its people, they would belong and people would find community together. This belonging led to people believing in Jesus becoming the people he intended them to be and thus being a blessing to others.

Bless – Belong – Believe – Become – Bless

Not a bad format for mission today!

aug-27-2This Sunday we will be sharing breakfast at our gathering. There will be an opportunity to consider one of those live questions of faith for today. This will be followed a full English breakfast lovingly prepared by our own hands.

Sun 1st December – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Our question for discussion this time will be ‘Feeling Blessed – Are we really?’ This would appear to be a question that speaks to how we all look at life.

Everyone Welcome!

20100903_busyness-is-the-new-spirituality_poster_imgYesterday at breakfast we began to think about the problem of ‘Busyness’. The question was ‘How do we find time for God in a world that is so busy?’

Here are some of the quotes that we used to illustrate the problem.

“We live in a world that want us to be busy,” “The world says the more we are involved in, the more important we are, and not being ‘productive’ is bad. “

I feel like I’m over-booked, over-spent, and running on empty. I know and believe that God is present in my busy life – but how do I stop to meet the Lord and to refill my empty soul?

We created a ‘Life Balance’ wheel to illustrate for ourselves what things in our lives take the greatest amount of our time. Here is a blank wheel for you to undertake the exercise.

Life Balance

Just label the sections (e.g. work, family, leisure etc.) and see what it shows you about how you spend your time.

Then we shared our discoveries. It was worrying that the young people had caught our busyness habit even at their young age.

We thought about taking time out for God – switching off all the technology etc. Or some preferred to make use of their activity to focus on God – praying whilst ironing or walking to work etc. However this was achieved – balance was important for our spiritual growth


Then we shared in a very leisurely fashion an excellent breakfast provided by Mark and Katy. Our thanks go to them for all their hard work.


breakfast-heart-eggsThis Sunday we will be sharing breakfast at our gathering. There will be an opportunity to consider one of those live questions of faith for today. This will be followed a full English breakfast lovingly prepared by our own hands.

Sun 3rd November – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Our question for discussion this time will be ‘How do we Make Time for God in our Busy Lives?’ This would appear to be a question that taxes us all.

Everyone Welcome!


clipart-breakfastAn excellent breakfast meeting took place last Sunday. It was so good to see virtually everyone gathered together again. It was especially good to see Jonathan Hayes again.

Our theme for the day was “What happens when people fall out?” It proved to be an excellent subject for discussion. It was only when I began to think about it that I realised the Bible was full of stories of people falling with each other.

It begins with Adam and Eve falling out over an Apple. Cain and Able fall out over worship! Abraham fell out with his nephew Lot over a land dispute. We are told that Moses spent all day judging disputes with people. In the New Testament, Paul tells Euodia and Syntyche to stop arguing and agree. Peter even asks Jesus how often he should forgive people!

We shared our stories of how we get on with people and how we try to resolve conflicts.

We have been given a ministry of reconciliation by God who has reconciled us to himself. Jesus tells us that if we fall whether it is our fault or not we should go to try sort it out. We even talked about how hard it is to forget even when we have forgiven someone. Amazingly God not only forgives us but he also forgets our sin (Jeremiah 31:34).

Mark and Hilary were our chefs du cuisine for the date and the laid on a fantastic meal, all of which just amazingly disappeared.

Thanks to everyone who made it a special morning.


Our popular Breakfast meeting returns this Sunday, with all its usual features – great food, good company and a time of faith sharing. This an occasion that is too good to miss.

Sun 6th October – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

We shall be thinking about how we apply faith to one of the important questions of the day.

Everyone Welcome.


Breakfast returned to our schedule after the summer break. Also returning to our midst was Kate Beck, who shared about her recent visit to Sudan. We joined together in drinking Hibiscus tea and dates essential ingredients of the Sudanese diet. In some ways as we shared it felt like a communion was taking place.

P1090139Then came the dressing up. Joanne and Kevin modelled for us the attire of a respectable married couple.

P1090134P1090136Kate then told us how she had led a team of people in the submission of a grant application. It may not seem very exciting to work at a desk even in Sudan but the £10 million pounds will help so many people. God is able to use all our gifts.

Finally we learned about a man from Sudan who appears in the Old Testament. Ebed-Melek the Cushite helps Jeremiah when he is throw into a cistern. In return God promises to care for and protect him. Kate reminded us that it is who we are that matters not what we do or where we live.

Then breakfast was served and consumed, newspapers were read and conversation enjoyed. Our thanks go to Katy and Nick for the breakfast and Kate for the insight into Sudan.

15996265-abstract-word-cloud-for-breakfast-with-related-tags-and-termsBREAKFAST RETURNS

After our Summer break our ever popular breakfast gathering returns. This month we will be catching up with all things Sudanese from Kate who will have just flown back from three months in Khartoum. I expect there will be loads of stories of her adventures.

Sun 1st September – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Alongside this there will be our excellent breakfast menu accompanied by the usual fellowship and fun.

Everyone Welcome.


paull-2dsilas-2dcartoonYesterday the garden was the only place to have Breakfast. The sun shone down on us as we thought together about the adventures of Paul and Silas in Philippi. The GraceSpace players brought the story to life in a drama. Here is the script we used.

Paul & Silas Do Porridge in Philippi

We thought about what it felt like being unjustly accused or punished, just as Paul and Silas did. How do we behave when things go against us. Do we stick to what we believe or do we get out from under when the going gets tough?   How do we act like Christ when there is a crisis?

Hilary shared something that had happened after our last breakfast when we had shared the story of Paul being unable to go to Asia Minor but then calling him to Greece. They had been looking to move house for a year with no joy and then suddenly a house in Hirst Wood became available and it was just as though God was opening the door for them. Wonderful news!

P1010862Then we shared the breakfast that Katy and Mark had prepared and generally enjoyed the sunshine. it was lovely to welcome visitors from the USA as Sid brought his family to be with us.

An excellent occasion and my thanks to all who took part.