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BreakfastAnd so it is July and 2013 is already half over. Well perhaps we can console ourselves with a scrummy breakfast with all usual trimmings. As usual there will be a mix of – food, fun, faith and fellowship.

Sunday 7th July – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Colin will be leading us in our worship time with another story of faith in action entitled ‘Paul and Silas Do Porridge in Philippi’. Sounds like there might be some drama involved! Why not come along and find out!

All Welcome.


Breakfast – June 2013 Update

PaulsCallToMacedoniaAnother great breakfast this month. Colin shared the story of Paul’s journey to Macedonia. Paul had had enough of long meetings in Jerusalem and was eager to visit some the churches that he had planted in Asia. He then hopes to set out for the North with Silas. However he is prevented on several occasions. Eventually he has a dream which causes him to travel to Macedonia and begin work there.

This story raised a number of questions.

1. How we know when God is guiding us?
2. How do we feel when we try to achieve 
    something (particularly for God) and nothing
    seems to go right?
3. Have we experienced an occasion when like Paul
    doors opened for us?
4. Who has God been calling you to help?

This was followed by a tasty meal and much chat. The prayer room has started to become a real asset to our meetings and was used by several people during the morning.

Breakfast – Sunday 2nd June 2013

learn_to_love_breakfastAnother month – Another breakfast. They do come round quickly! This month all the usual elements will be present – food, fun, faith and fellowship.

Sunday 2nd June – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

During our worship time at Breakfast we shall seeking God for the future direction of GraceSpace after our special day last month. With God’s help we could take some significant steps forward into his plan for our future.

All Welcome.


Hebrews6-1Explore continues this Wednesday evening. As usual it will be taking place at the home of David and Julie.

As we did not meet last week the topic has been held from last time. It will be a further exploration of Hebrews 6:1-4. This was the passage with which we began the GraceSpace day yesterday. God seems to be calling us to maturity as a group. We shall seek to understand just what this maturity might look like for us at GraceSpace.

Why not come and find out.

 Wed 22nd May – 8.00pm @ 5 Glenaire Road

All Welcome

Breakfast – May 2013 – Report

Jesus-healed-a-deaf-and-mute-manAt breakfast this month we began to think afresh about the vision and values of GraceSpace. Our story for the day was taken from Mark 7 and concerns the healing of a man who was deaf and mute.

Mark 7 31-37

We began by imagining what it must be like to live locked away by being unable to hear or to speak. Then we considered the events of the story. The man was taken to see Jesus, a frightening experience. Jesus takes him away from the crowds in order to deal with him personally and without distraction. Jesus uses a very tactile approach with the man perhaps the best way of reaching him. He touches his ears and his tongue, he groans so that the man might feel the passion of his concern.

A wonderful change takes place. The man of no words, receives one word from Jesus and then is filled to overflowing with words – so much so that not even Jesus can keep him from speaking.

At GraceSpace we find something special. Jesus meets with us as we gather together. It is something that we like the man, want to share. In order to do this we need to agree our values because it is from these that our being and actions will subsequently flow.

We shared some words that we thought best expressed the heart of GraceSpace. These were some of the words:

Food – for body, mind and spirit
Refreshment – for us and for others
Home – a place of security and welcoming to others

We concluded our time with a song from Emile Sande which seemed to sum the feelings of the man. Here are the words: Read All About It Part 3

Then we repaired to make breakfast and share more together. The prayer room was used for the first time and it is a great asset.

Breakfast – Sunday 5th May 2013

WhyIsBreakfastImportantActually I like to think that every Breakfast is important. That being said can I suggest that this will be a particularly significant breakfast gathering. It will mark the beginning of a period where we make decisions about the future direction of GraceSpace.

We have been in existence in our current format for over three years. During all that time we have yet to sort our values and decide how those values will determine how we work out our faith together.

Sunday 5th May – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Our discussions at Breakfast will lead us into our GraceSpace Day the following Sunday (12th May). With God’s help we could take some significant steps forward into his plan for our future.

All Welcome.

April Breakfast 2013 – Update

jesus_calms_storm1Yesterday we gathered for another Breakfast meeting. Julie led our worship time with a re-telling of the events surrounding the stilling of the storm as recorded by John. She arrived carrying all sorts of intriguing items. The story seems to have gone well because the breakfast had to be delyed whilst people talked about it. Our thanks go to her for enthralling us all once more.


In the absence of Katy and Mark, the catering duties were taken up by Nick and Colin, who managed to produce the necessary victuals to feed the hungry horde. Although David does seem a little surprised at how good it all tasted!

P1080008The remainder of the photos can be found on our Facebook page.

learn_to_love_breakfastWe begin our new programme with our ever popular Breakfast. Not only will there be large helpings of the our usual fun, food, fellowship and faith but we will also be able to enjoy Colin sharing another story from the life of Jesus.

Sun 7th April – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Katy is likely to be away this weekend so we would welcome any volunteers to help cook breakfast.

All welcome

P1070980At 6.15am on Easter Day a group of hardy souls gathered on the top of High Bank to await the sunrise and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

P1010667We sang our Easter hymns and heard again the story of the resurrection.

Matthew 28 1-10

Then we decorated the Easter cross prayed for our commnunities, shared in hot cross buns and just as we began to sing ‘Thine be the Glory’ the sun rose over the hills. It was truly glorious.

P1070984Then we repaired to Glenhurst Road for a warming breakfast. The house slowly filled as people found their way down the hill and others joined us as well.

P1010677It was great to welcome the young people of Risen and others who had braved the cold. The breakfast was much appreciated and our thanks to the many people who helped produce it. We also celebrated with Simnel Cake which Sarah kindly cut for us.

P1010675There was a real sense of celebration appropriate for Easter Day.

This morning proved to be a very unusual breakfast. Not only were we trying a very first continental style meal but also we found ourselves a very select crew indeed. None of this mattered as we actually had a great time together.

P1010597We celebrated Mark’s birthday with cake and as you can see there was quite spread on offer. Thanks to Katy and Mark for their hard work in the kitchen as usual.

P1010598In our worship time Colin shared another story from John’s gospel. The encounter with the sick man at the Pool of Bethesda. Here is a man who has been sick for most of his life. He has always come off second best. We talked about what it felt like to be picked last for a team at school.

We also thought about how sometimes we hang on to the things the hold us back because somehow we are scared to let go of them.  Then we talked about how sometimes Jesus breaks our rules about how God works and turns our ideas upside down. To illustrate this we watched this short film.

Realising that this man did not know who healed him made us thing that God can act though all sorts of people and situation often when we least expect it.