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Brunch Report – August 2014

SUNDAY BRUNCHYesterday we enjoyed an excellent birthday brunch at David and Julie’s. Who knew they had such a delightful dining room and so many books! The table was laid with a sumptuous spread which we proceeded to demolish. We also celebrated David’s 40th birthday in fine style.

Our thanks to everyone who made the day a success and to David and Julie for the hosting of the brunch.

Brunch with John Chrysostom

Yesterday we gathered for brunch in the company of John Chrysostom.

John lived in Antioch during the 4th Century and gained the name Chrysostom (golden or honey mouth) from his ability to bring the Bible to life and apply it everyday situations. However he was often saddened by the lack of Biblical knowledge held by his listeners. On that theme we tried to order the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation whilst learning many interesting sidelights into how the Bible is constructed.

If you would like to discover more about the life of John Chrysostom then here are the notes from yesterday – John Chrysostom

The brunch was of the usual high standard and our thanks go to Katy, Steve and Mark for their cooking and particularly to Mark for his clearing up afterwards. It was great to see so many of the GraceSpace family gathered together and enjoying themselves.

There are more photographs of the day on our Facebook page.

Brunch – Sunday 12th September

This Sunday (12th September) our Brunch gathering returns after its summer break. We will be meeting at 6 Glenhurst Road @ 10.00am.

Last weekend at our Vision Day it was suggested that most of our events could be categorised as being 4F  (which stands for food – family – faith and fun). The Brunch certainly lives up to that description and is suitable for all ages. We would be delighted to welcome you whether you are a regular or for the first time.

Brunch with St. Swithun

In honour of it being St. Swithun’s Day on Thursday (15th July) , we considered the life of this one time Bishop of Winchester at our Brunch yesterday. We all discovered new things about him and how his calling was related to ours. Swithun was a church planter and restorer and a bridge builder. Perhaps we at GraceSpace are called to plant new communities of church and restore those that are failing -to be bridge builders amongst those from who church does not resonate. Here is a brief biography for you to consider.

St. Swithun (whose name means ‘Pig Man’) was made Bishop of Winchester in AD 852. He was, say the chroniclers, a diligent builder of churches in places where there were none before and a repairer of those that had been destroyed or ruined. He also built a bridge on the east side of the city and, during the work he made a practice of sitting there to watch the workmen, that his presence might stimulate their industry. One of his most edifying miracles is said to have been performed at this bridge where he restored an old woman’s basket of eggs, which the workmen had maliciously broken.

Swithun was one of the most learned men of his time and the tutor, successively, of King Aethelwulf of Wessex and of his son, the illustrious Alfred. He died on 2nd July AD 862 and was buried, according to his own desire, in the churchyard of the Old Minster (Cathedral) at Winchester, where “passers by might tread on his grave and where the rain from the eaves might fall on it.” His reputation as a weather saint is said to have arisen from the translation of his body from this lowly grave to its golden shrine within the Cathedral, having been delayed by incessant rain. Hence the weather on the festival of his translation (15th July) indicated, according to the old rhyme, what it would be for the next forty days:

“St. Swithun’s day, if thou dost rain,
For forty days it will remain;
St. Swithun’s day, if thou be fair,
For forty days ’twill rain na mair.”

We then created our own memorials of these events in a clever combination of eggs and bridges. Here are some of the ones we made earlier. Inside the eggs were written the names of those we wanted to be bridge builders for.

The ever popular Sunday Brunch returns this Sunday 11th July – 10.00am @ 6 Glenhurst Road. Brunch is an opportunity for us to gather together for fellowship, fun and even godly conversation and comes complete with another of Colin’s unusual sidelights into the spiritual.

How could you possibly resist the opportunity to cook and chat. Everyone welcome.

Brunch with Barnabas

Today we gathered together to share in a Brunch with Barnabas. After our cereals and toast we met in the living room where as you can see, the setting for the life of Barnabas had been re-created with amazing accuracy (lol!). Sarah and Becka were wonderful as our map makers – adding the place names and journey arrows exactly where they should go.

Barnabas began his journey by leaving Cyprus to go to Jerusalem, where he became a believer in Jesus. He helped the newly converted Paul gain acceptance amongst the Jerusalem Christians. he then travelled to Antioch with Paul where they joined the church. Eventually he and Paul were sent out with the good news and travelled via Cyprus to much of what is now Turkey where. Finally they travelled home to Antioch and then on to Jerusalem to tell the church what had happened.

The outcome of the journey of Barnabas was that the church was changed forever. The inherited church in Jerusalem which had for many years used a ‘come to us’ strategy found that their influence waned the farther away people lived.  Whereas the Antioch church adopted the ‘we’ll go to you’ approach so often used today by fresh expressions, which had a much wider impact. After a great council in Jerusalem they came to terms with each other and then became interdependent. Perhaps there are lessons here for the church to learn.

There are more pictures on our Facebook page

Ascension Brunch

Yesterday we enjoyed another of our Brunch mornings. As you can see a good group of us gathered together for fellowship and food.

Our theme was the Ascension (Ascension Day is on Thursday) – the occasion on which the earthly mission of Jesus was finally brought to a close. He returns to heaven and receives a victors crown from his Father. He offers a crown of life to everyone who finishes the race with him and so we made ourselves crowns in token of his this promise.

The rest of the photographs can be found on our Facebook page.

Easter Sunrise Service

To celebrate the good news of Easter we will holding a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday 4th April @ the Lay-by on High Bank Lane, Shipley – 6.30am. This will be followed directly by Breakfast at 6 Glenhurst Road.

Why not start this Easter by joining us at this special gathering to proclaim that Jesus is Alive!

Mothering Sunday Brunch

The Brunch gathering for Mothering Sunday proved as popular as ever, with a good number of folk turning up to share in the delights of the full English accompanied by some creative activities. After consuming a reasonable quantity of cereal and copious amounts of tea we gathered together to reflect together.

We enjoyed the wisdom of  The Mom Song. Then we found out something of the origins of our present day Mothering Sunday traditions, including the sharing of Simnal cake and giving our church a big hug through clypping.

As neither of our premises lend themselves easily to such an action, we created a virtual clypping from paper figures as we gave thanks for the fellowship that we enjoy together at GraceSpace.

The full text of the message can be found here: Mothering Sunday

The remainder of  the photographs can be found on our Facebook page.