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germanyIt was great to get together for lunch yesterday. We were able to sit around the table as a church family for a fascinating meal reflecting the widely varying culinary tastes of Germany and Argentina. There was  cheese and salami, sausages with little footballs imprinted on argentinian_flag-t2them. We enjoyed beef and quinoa in a Chimichurri sauce followed by Apple Strudel. Thanks to everyone for all the food.

Then we shared together in some thoughts about Journeys. Most of us seem to enjoy travelling especially when the countryside is pleasant to look at. Whoever we all realised that a journey involves a time of transition when we are neither at home or are yet to arrive. This period can sometimes be challenging – perhaps it is why we find ourselves saying – ‘Are we there yet!’

The Bible is full of such stories. Here are some that we considered: Journeys.

They show the liminal nature of journeying with God. There is always a period of transition but in all this journeying God always goes with us.


pentecost-feast2There was a select few of us at our community lunch this month. Several people had travelled to York for the service to welcome Bishop Nick as the new Bishop of Leeds.

There was an excellent lunch for us to share with all the usual trimmings. We all managed to sit around the table and enjoy some great food and conversation.

After lunch we ,moved to lounge for one of Colin’s more obscure teachings about the Holy Spirit. We thought about the concept of ‘Transformation’. It is a work of Holy Spirit to transform our fears and release our passion for God.  This idea was illustrated by the transformation scene in Shrek, where Princess Fiona reveals her true nature.


We also shared some scenes from the film Chocolat which showed how a whole community could be transformed. Judging ourselves not by what we reject but by who we love and include.


John and Hilary were our hosts for our lunch this month. There was a superb array of food for our delectation and some especially fine puddings.

We began our session with an excerpt from Tangled, where Rapunzel having finally escaped from her tower is confused and conflicted about how she feels.

This led us into a discussion about the future of GraceSpace and Colin’s announcement that his contract would not be renewed and that he had been appointed as Vicar of St Cuthbert’s Wrose. There was a discussion of the possible futures for GraceSpace and in particular about the possibilities of a future connection with St Cuthbert’s. Colin produced a letter explaining the events leading up to the present day – you can download the text here:

GraceSpace Future

The response of the community was wonderfully supportive and positive about the future. We concluded our session with the intro from Star Trek TNG. This changes the original text from a ‘five year mission’ to a ‘continuing mission’ to explore new worlds and to boldly go where no one has gone before. So perhaps God is offering us a new future.

Our thanks go to everyone for their kind support and to John and Hilary for the use of their home.


Community Lunch – 11th May 2014

Street-Feast-2This Sunday we will be meeting for Lunch at 12.30pm. Again I omitted to ask for a choice of food for this meal – so it is suggested that everyone bring something they like and we will see if God can make a meal out of it. All offerings of food gratefully received.

Sunday 11th May – 12.30pm @ 10 Hirst Wood Crescent, BD18 4BY


Our thanks to John and Hilary for hosting this event.


There will be the usual mix of fellowship, food, faith and fun for us to enjoy. We will be thinking about the future of GraceSpace in preparation for our GraceSpace day on the 18th.  Everyone is welcome to join us for this community event.

An excellent lunch gathering yesterday. A superb meal was provided by the assembled multitude. There was a butternut lasagne, shepherd’s pie and oodles of dhal to just mention a few of the delights.

After lunch we gathered in the living room to listen to Kate Beck who helped us to think about Palm Sunday. The clever use of a clip of Peter Kay introduced the concept that the we recognise things through familiar signs and symbols. Kate suggested that the crowds on Palm Sunday recognised Jesus as a King because of the signs of the day.

P1020797However when the events of Easter unfolded the signs changed. Kate proceeded to smash a plate to illustrate the change. Then she shared some items that had been discarded and were now refashioned into something beautiful. The message of Easter is that God can take broken people and remake them into new and beautiful things. We then broke several more plates to fashion a mosaic cross to illustrate the point.

P1020801Our thanks go to Kate for a wonderful session and to everyone for the superb lunch.

lunchlearn_0This Sunday we will be meeting for Lunch at 12.30pm. I ommitted to ask for a choice of food for this meal – so it is suggested that everyone bring something they like and we will see if God can make a meal out of it. All offerings of food gratefully received.

Sunday 13th April – 12.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

There will be the usual mix of fellowship, food, faith and fun for us to enjoy. Kate Beck will be leading our thoughts. Everyone is welcome to join us for this community event.

P1100467Last week at our Community Lunch Julie shared a story with us about things that had been given to her. From her father she had received a trowel, a love of tea and hugs. We then thought about the things that Jesus received from his father and family upbringing. It was followed by an excellent discussion. Thank you Julie for an intriguing story time.

This was followed by an excellent lunch with a Mexican theme as you can see. Thank you to everyone who brought things for us to share.

P1100464The table was soon surrounded by hungry GraceSpacers and it was hub of a series of lively conversations about all manner of topics.


B0092-BOPENMexicanFoodCactuBarNeonLightSignThis month at our Community Lunch we have chosen a Mexican theme – so bring on those nachos, fajitas, tacos and refried beans etc. All contributions towards lunch are always gratefully received.

Sunday 9th March – 6 Glenhurst Road @12.30pm

Alongside the meal there will be an opportunity for us to have time together to do some spiritual thinking. It is as we share our experience of faith together that we grow.

Everyone Welcome



P1100279Yesterday we gathered for our monthly Community lunch and it was a great pleasure for us to make our first visit to John, Hilary and the family in their new home in Hirst Wood. It is a splendid house with huge amounts of room and even a special place for the youngsters to gather.

P1100278The Italian themed meal was excellent as usual although Colin was deceived into thinking that there was no pizza, when in fact it was still lurking in the oven! This is what it looked like after the locusts had visited.


There was much conversation and sharing of news and events with each other. We also asked God’s blessing on the new house and all who live there. Here are words of the prayer for the door that were used.

O God make the door of this house wide enough
to receive all who need human love and fellowship, and a heavenly Father’s care, and narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hate.
Make its threshold smooth enough
to be no stumbling-block to children,
nor to straying feet, but rugged enough
to turn back the tempter’s power:
make it a gateway to your eternal kingdom.

Finally there was a communal washing up!



what TableThis Sunday we will be enjoying our Community Lunch. This month it was decided that our theme should be Italian. This means that pasta and pizza will probably feature heavily, however we must not forget the delights of Italian desserts! All offerings of food gratefully received.

This Sunday we shall be meeting at the home of John and Hilary Paley, at their kind invitation

Sun 9th February – 10 Hirst Wood Crescent, BD18 4BY

There will be the usual mix of fellowship, food, faith and fun for us to enjoy. Everyone is welcome to join us for this community event.