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Baptism-of-Jesusyesterday we gathered to share a lunch composed of ‘winter warmers’. To begin with there was some wonderful soups lentil and vegetable. These were followed by Shepherd’s Pie and then to dessert with Simon’s bread and butter pudding and a variety of cakes. All in all a meal fit for royalty!

When our mugs had been replenished with hot drinks, we repaired to the living to consider the events surrounding the Baptism of Jesus. Colin introduced the subject with some visuals about the power of water.

Then we talked about John had taken the Jewish practice of ritual washing and taken it in another direction. We shared some stories of baptism both ours and others. We thought about John being reluctant to baptise Jesus because he did not feel good enough. Perhaps we too feel that we cannot serve Christ because we are not good enough for him. We need to remember that God loves and uses us in spite of our failings.

We thought about the new name we gained at baptism and used water to put aside all the bad names we had been called or called others in our lives. Martin Luther suggested that every time we wash our faces we should remember that we are God’s beloved children.

Finally we watched the Paul Poulton Project singing ‘Wade in the Water’ which reminded us that God was going to stir the water. He provides us with company in the troubled water not a bridge over it. Will we trust him to keep us safe in the storm?

artworks-000063037229-4kmwhy-originalThis Sunday we will be enjoying the first Community Lunch of 2014. With the weather being what it is, it seemed appropriate to suggest ‘Winter Warmers’ as the food theme. All offerings of food gratefully received.

Sunday 12th January – 12.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

There will be the usual mix of fellowship, food, faith and fun for us to enjoy. Everyone is welcome to join us for this community event.

Another great gathering over lunch yesterday. Everyone provided an excellent meal for us to share. Everything on the menu had just a hint of Christmas.

P1090823As you can see we had a very special guest at our table this month. John Froud, director of the Zephaniah Trust came to share some thoughts on Christmas with us.

P1090824He sang a new song for us, which cleverly connected the events of Christmas and Easter. There was more music and laughter and thoughtful discussion. Thanks John.

Thanks also to Mark for his sterling work in the kitchen.

P1090725This Sunday we will holding our Community Lunch. As we are getting closer to Christmas we have decided to go for anything seasonal (not too many sprouts please!) So any contributions would be welcome.

Sun 8th December -12.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

This Sunday we have special visitor at GraceSpace. John Froud from the Zephaniah trust will be leading our devotions. This should be really good – so do not miss out.

All Welcome.

Another excellent curry lunch event took place yesterday. There was a superb range of food to satisfy every palate, as well a great selection of topics for discussion.

We began our time together with an Act of Remembrance having had the subject introduced by two short films.

The second of which explained the origin of the connection of the poppy with remembrance.

Then we moved on to our topic for the day was: ‘How to be a better Christian?’  We all had experiences to share about how sometimes we felt we had let God down or people had accused us not being very good Christians.

Colin shared five simple thoughts about how we could improve our walk of faith. We were reminded that our faith is not primarily a set of rules but a relationship with our Father God.

P1090660We all need to spend more time with God if our relationship with him is growing to grow. We also need not to brag about our faith to make people think we are better than we are.

P1090661We also need to learn to give God the credit for all that we achieve. people will also expect us not just to talk a good game but to put our faith into action.

P1090662Finally we considered the need to be genuine about who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Kate shared about the Immanuel Project and Julie told us about the next performance of Refugee Voices.

We concluded our time together in prayer.


21310_10151624980530619_1554529312_nThis Sunday we will holding our Community Lunch. We have been invited to the home of Joanne and Kevin this month (Thanks for that guys!)

Sun 10th November -12.30pm @ 63 Parkwood Gardens, Calverley, LS28 5PJ.

We will be tackling another question to help us apply faith to daily living. This week we will be thinking about ‘What to do when we do not feel that we are very good Christians?’

As the weather gets colder have decided to go for the warming curry menu for lunch. So any contributions would be welcome.

If anyone needs a lift across to Calverley please let Colin know.

All Welcome.

We had a splendid lunchtime gathering yesterday. Our thanks go to the McDonalds for the their great hospitality, especially the aubergine pasta! A big thank you to everyone who drove over to Calverley with food and fellowship. it was great to see so many.

After the meal we sat together in the living room and talked about courage. We began by reminding ourselves about the subject for the previous week. ‘What happens when people fall out?’ We recalled that forgiving and forgetting needs courage. Then we shared some examples of courage from the Scriptures – Joshua, David, Jonathan from the Old Testament and Ananias, Good Samaritan and the Syro-Phoenecian woman in the New.

Then we considered the question ‘What does courage look like today? At this point we shared a film about Malala Yousafzais speaking to the UN on her 16th birthday. Here is the speech in full.

We thought about courage in our own lives and then prayed for those who need courage of God to negotiate this week.

community_lunch_outreach_logoThis Sunday we will holding our Community Lunch. We have been invited to the home of Joanne and Kevin this month (Thanks for that guys!)

Sun 13th October -12.30pm @ 63 Parkwood Gardens, Calverley, LS28 5PJ.

We will be tackling another question to help us apply faith to daily living. Last week’s question on conflict proved very interesting.

As for our lunch menu we have decided to go for Italian American. So any contributions would be welcome.

If anyone needs a lift across to Calverley please let Colin know.

All Welcome.

P1090227Last Sunday we were privileged to be joined by Barbara Glasson who shared with us some stories of the work with the ‘Bread Church’ in Liverpool. In particular I was struck by the phrase ‘people just occurred’ which she used to describe how folk just appeared at this church. It rang bells for me because people are always just occurring to me and indeed GraceSpace is composed of a group of people who just occurred. Appropriately we concluded our time together by sharing bread and grapes in remembrance of all that Jesus has done to bring us together and make us a community.

We also enjoyed a tremendous harvest festival of casseroles and shepherd’s pies of all varieties. Followed by some tasty crumbles. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our gathering. And special thanks to Barbara for sharing her stories.

Norwood_Sep11This Sunday we will holding our Community Lunch and we shall be welcoming a very special guest to our midst. Barbara Glasson the |Director of the Touchstone project in Bradford will be joining us. Barbara came to the attention of the Fresh Expression movement through her work with the Bread Church in Liverpool. She is now working on the Touchstones Listening Project. She will be well worth listening too.

Sun 8th September -12.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

As for our lunch menu perhaps we could think of this as our Harvest lunch so contributions of all things harvesty would be welcome.

All Welcome.