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lanterns-after-sunset1After the success of our first Lantern Making workshop a fortnight ago, we are going to use our 5th Sunday special to create some individual lanterns which will be offered as prayers, wishes or remembrances. They will be placed in the lake at Lister Park and hopefully create a magical display. We have been entrusted with this task on behalf of the festival.

Sun 29th September – 3.00pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

We have loads of lanterns to make so it would great if as many people as possible could take part. If you wish to bring your own creative project or a sheep to knit then please feel free. All contributions for tea gratefully received.

Everyone Welcome.

P1090231Our Creativitea this month was directed towards the creation of lanterns which we will carry during the parade at the Lister Park Lantern Festival on Saturday 19th October.

Although our numbers were a little depleted, those who made it had a great time. Beginning with some withies and masking tape we set about creating our lanterns.

Colin began the afternoon by reminding us about the importance of Light in the Bible. We thought about the fact the that light is the first thing that God created and it is through this light that we able to preceive the world.

P1090237In the Old Testament, God called his people to be a light to the surrounding nations, to demonstrate how they should to live. Unfortunately their light failed and so God sends Jesus to be the ‘Light of the World’ He calls us his followers to reflect that light.P1090243








Our lanterns would be a concrete example of that light being shown in the community.

P1090242Finally our lanterns were complete. Well done everyone for all your hard work.

P1090245The rest of the photographs can be found on our Facebook page.

P1080061At our Creativitea gathering this month we shall be making lanterns that we shall be able to carry in the Lantern Festival that is planned for Saturday 19th October in Lister Park.

Sun 15th September – 3.00pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

P1080028We will provide everything that you need to create your Lantern and also clear instructions on how to set about it. All you have to do is come along and bring a small contribution for tea – anything sweet with or with chocolate is always well received.

All welcome.

Yesterday, Julie led our afternoon of Creativitea. We were asked to create a picture of what ‘home’ meant to us. Also to consider what we might take with us if we suddenly had to leave home at a moments notice.

Here are some of the pictures that we created.

















The house seemed full of people. The kitchen was the venue for some lengthy discussions.


In the dining room the table was busy with those involved in the serious business of art. And then in the living room we gathered to share some insightful stories of the life and conditions of those who are Asylum Seekers and Refugees.


Here is one of the films that Julie showed us during our session together. It tells the story of a family in South Sudan.

And our thanks go to Julie for all her hard work and preparation.

The rest of the photos can be found on our Facebook site.

4709e46cc39811e2976a12313d026649This Sunday is Refugee Sunday and we will be remembering it in true GraceSpace style with an afternoon of Creativitea.

We will be meeting at 6 Glenhurst Road @3.00pm to make things, share tea (donations of food always welcome – particularly anything with a chocolate theme! and allow God to speak to us. Julie who has been closely involved with refugee Project will be lead our time together. This is something for all ages! So why not come along and join us.

P1080596Our Focus for Creativitea this month was Father’s Day. This time we considered the idea of God being our Father. This led us to the Lord’s Prayer and so we set about creating a banner which could be used to decorate our new prayer room.

P1080598 Here you can see us hard at work in the design stage of the project. We were each given a square of fabric on which to place our design. These squares will later be joined together to create the complete banner.

P1080605Here are some of our efforts.

P1080597Whilst we worked there was the usual array of delightful comestibles to enjoy. Keryn’s cake, which she iced in our presence and Ellie’s brownies were particularly popular. Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

P1080616Here is the banner as far as it has been completed. There are still two sections outstanding if anyone would like to create one.

The-Importance-Of-Father-In-Our-Our-Life This Sunday is Father’s Day and we will be celebrating in true GraceSpace style with an afternoon of Creativitea.

We will be meeting at 6 Glenhurst Road @3.00pm to make things, share tea (donations of food always welcome – particularly anything with a chocolate theme! and allow God to speak to us. This is something for all ages and especially Dads! So why not come along and join us.

P1080200This Sunday at Creativitea we all worked together to set up the Prayer Room, outside in what was once the garage.

P1080207I had thought that the children might get bored with this activity, but in fact they led the way and were full of creative ideas for the decoration.

P1080206Here is Tobias showing us the children’s prayer table. They also created one for the adults to use. Maps of Bradford went up on the walls as did the family tree that we had created at our last vision day.

P1080210When all the work was completed and all the food devoured, (Thanks to everyone who brought such scrumptious offerings to the table.) we all gathered and dedicated the room in prayer to God. It was one of the best Creativitea gatherings that we have ever held.


11_1_1311789180Creating the Prayer Room

A long time ago the idea of creating a prayer room in the ‘wendy house’ was suggested. We made some curtains and cleared the space. Then for a variety of reasons the project was delayed. Now the moment has arrived to finish the task.

Sunday 17th April – 3.00pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Why not come along and join in creating a special space for us to pray. All contributions of food for tea will be most gratefully received.

All welcome

March Creativitea Report

P1070935Our last Creativitea took place at the home of John and Hilary (Thanks to both for their kind hospitality). Hilary had worked really hard preparing an Easter theme for us to enjoy.

P1070934Here is our work in progress.


The children took themselves off into the front room and devised all manner of plays and the like. After which we celebrated Kate’s birthday with the usual ritual of cake and candles.