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2686731_dc81ac6cIt occurs to me that I talk to people best, and connect with God most, when I am walking – therefore, I thought I would invite you all for walks throughout the summer and September.

As I walk every day anyway, to take Bertie out, it doesn’t matter if none of you turn up, so don’t feel any pressure to come! But it might be a nice way to get to know each other better, and maybe even chat about the future of GraceSpace if we feel so moved.

I have missed the boat for this week, but next week I will be at Hirst Lock at 7.30pm on Friday (15th August). If any of you are there too, you may walk with me and Bertie up through Shipley Glen to the Old Glen House for a pint of the beverage of your choice :-).

If you don’t walk, then please do meet us at the pub at about 8.15pm for a drink. My number is 07950062277, if for any reason you want to txt me.

The week after I am proposing an afternoon walk along the canal to 5-rise locks in Bingley, although I am flexible on the day. If any of you would really like to come to that and have a day you would prefer, then let me know – otherwise I’ll just choose one and let you know what it is.

Blessings to you all,

Sunday 17th August 2014

Walker-on-The-Bronte-Way--001For Sunday 17th August, can I suggest a walk and picnic lunch, followed by drinks in the pub? I ran it past Carol, Val and Hilary and they liked it.

I thought Haworth – meet outside the Black Bull pub 10am, then walk towards Wuthering Heights. Its a 5 miles round trip if people do the whole walk, or they could walk as far as the waterfalls and then go back which would be less than 3 (perhaps better for Ellie?), or people can browse bookshops and cafes in Haworth and wait for the walkers to return, and meet up for a drink in the Black Bull around 3pm. Or people can just come for the drink! (a proper Methodist arranged trip)

What do you think?

P1110221Yesterday we joined forces with the good people of St Cuthbert’s to tackle the wilderness that is normally called the vicarage garden! In the fornt garden there was much use of the secateurs whilst out back the was a great deal of leaning on forks whilst tree roots were extracted. It was hot and thirsty work requiring a variety of beverages to be consumed. Our thanks to all who helped.

P1110223When the work was over we all repaired to Glenhurst Road for a well earned traditional cream tea.

P1110225This provided both groups with the opportunity to get to know one another a little better. Thank you to everyone for making it such a splendid occasion, especially to Sid who kept the children so well entertained.


st-cuthberts-vicarage-wrose-road-777297The new house at Wrose into which we are moving has a much larger garden than our current one, and it is in need of some work. The folk at St Cuthbert’s have already made a start and we thought that it might be good for us to help out – which will perhaps help us to get to know some of folk there.

Sunday 3rd August – 1.30 – 4.00pm
at 71 Wrose Road BD2 1LN

Bring yourselves and any gardening tools you have. Afterwards everyone is invited back to our house for afternoon tea @ 4.30pm

Afternoon Tea – 4.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

Everyone welcome

timeforteaIt is our tradition (who says Fresh Expressions cannot have traditions) that in August we hold a series of social meals. We begin this year with an afternoon tea at Colin and Katy’s.

Sunday 3rd August – 4.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

All contributions of food for tea will be gratefully received. All Welcome.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of all things GraceSpace. John and Hilary were our hosts and the meal was provided by everyone – thank you kindly!

P1110125Here you can see everyone hard at work on the caption competition provided by Julie and David. In addition there was the usual door quiz organised by Katy and two curly quizzes devised by Colin. The ‘Guess the Song from the First Line was a particular hit with everyone singing along. This quiz was won by Sarah and Keryn – which just shows who is in touch with the music of today!


party-kids1We are holding a special party this Sunday to celebrate all that God has done through GraceSpace over the past five years. John and Hilary have kindly offered to host this event.

Sunday 20th July – 5.00-8.00pm at 10 Hirst Wood Crescent, BD18 4BY.

Contributions of party food would be very welcome. It would really great to see everyone who has been connected with GraceSpace at this special event.

Everyone Welcome.

issuesYesterday we addressed some of the issues which have been raised as a result of the prospect of the changes caused by my move to Wrose.

The following things were agreed.

Day to Day Co-ordination: Hilary Paley

Decision making should continue to be done by regular summit meetings.

Contact details will be changed on the website to reflect this.

Pastoral care will continue to be offered by the group and difficult cases can be referred to Colin.

Shipley/Saltaire will continue to be our general location for mission and ministry, however that does not preclude our working elsewhere as the Spirit leads.

We have agreed to leave the bank account etc as it stands in the moment. We can move the account to Wrose or create a separate charity in March next year whatever seems appropriate the time.

There was some discussion about our connection the Diocese and it was agreed that some compromises might be necessary but no final decision was taken.

Hilary and Val were feeling led to start a women’s group.

Kate and Carol had been investigating the possibility of offering a regular ‘ikon’ type to the local community. Saltaire Methodist had offered their building for such an event on the 4th Sunday of the month.

Carol asked us to think about the question of ‘who were really are and what do we mean to each other.’

It this point we stopped for tea and agreed to follow-up this and other questions at Breakfast next week.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion and to the wonderful tea that we shared.

5SF1June has five Sundays this year and this provides us with an opportunity to gather together to sort out some of the nitty gritty details of the future shape of GraceSpace from September onwards.

It seemed a good idea to allow people to attend the Rae Gala which will be taking place in the Northcliffe Woods that afternoon before we convene for tea at 4.30pm

Rae Gala 2014

Please bring suitable food for tea – sandwiches, cakes etc.

Sunday 29th June – 4.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

All welcome

GraceSpace Report – May 2014

P1100884It was beautiful day at Harwes Farm for our GraceSpace gathering. Andy and Gill our genial hosts kindly welcomed us into their home with copious amounts of coffee and tea.

P1100890In our first session we began by sharing some stories of GraceSpace and what became obvious was that it was not the specific things that we had done together that people remember, but the welcome, acceptance and sense belonging to a family that mattered.

P1100875Colin then went through the possible future that exist for GraceSpace and suggested a traffic light exercise as a straw poll of opinion.

Gracespace Options

The Results were as follows: (updated after the email)

Option Red Amber Green
1 11 2  
2 6 3  
3 3 7  
4 1 6 4
5   2 11
6  1 1 2


The second session allowed people to be quiet or talk in small groups about the future. During this time Julie helped everyone to make beautiful wrapped pebbles. This was followed by an excellent lunch prepared by Andy.

P1100889The afternoon began with session led by Andy and Gill which gave everyone the opportunity to discuss the future without Colin and Katy, who worked with the children. Colin and Katy then joined the session to listen to the feedback. The general feedback was the group wanted to continue to meet and eventually seek independence but were generally willing to investigate a possible link with Wrose under the leadership of Colin as a stage on that journey.

P1100909Finally we went down the Dissenters Well and broke bread together in a simple service.

Our thanks to Andy and Gill for their hospitality and to everyone for working so hard to come to these decisions.