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YG – The Barbecue – July 2014

P1110097A wonderful sunny afternoon was the backdrop for our YG barbecue. Our thanks go to Karen and Mark for their hospitality and use of the barbecue.

P1110099The young people seem to have the ability to eat endlessly no matter how much food is set before them! This they proved again as burgers, sausages and chocolate cake disappeared in short order.

P1110098The conversation ranged far and wide and even included some discussion of burnt offerings from the Old Testament.

The group will return in September.

YG @ Pentecost in the Park 2014

P1030095The YG group enjoyed their first outdoor gathering of the year when they attended the annual ‘Pentecost in the Park’ event. Lister Park was for the most part bathed in bright sunshine for most of the afternoon. It was only towards the end of the event that the heavens opened and duly reminded us that we were in Yorkshire after all.

P1100947There were some excellent performances from Daryll Hackett and John Froud as usual. There were also some interesting craft activities – in particular the candle making attracted much attention.

P1030102After the rain we went back to Glenhurst Road to dry off and then we set off for the Noble Comb where we enjoyed a huge meal together.

P1100964Another excellent YG event – look out for our July meeting.

YG – Pizza Making – May 2014

P1100873The YG group met again in even greater numbers last night. We broke double figures for the first time thanks to Ethan, Jacob and Ella, who made their first appearances at YG.

P1100837There was a vast amount of fun and chaos as we attempted to create our own pizzas, without the aid of Katy who was down with the cold lurgy. Kate Beck stepped into the breech with great aplomb and supervised the bread base making whilst I oversaw the use of sharp knives.

P1100851Whilst the bread bases proved Kate took the lead and shared some stories of faith with the young people. Then it was back to the ovens and the table to finish and consume our creations.


YG – Sunday 11th May 2014

youthgroup_t_nv.220114305_stdThe YG group will be meeting again this Sunday at 5.30pm until 8.00pm. This month we are going to make pizza from scratch – which should be great fun. Kate Beck will be leading our session time together. So there is a lot to look forward to!

Sun 11th May – 6 Glenhurst Road

All young people welcome!

YG – April 2014 – The Lowdown

The young people congregated at the home of John and Hilary for their monthly meeting.

P1100602We began by creating some Easter boxes for the Food Bank. Once decorated these were filled with mini chocolate eggs and hopefully they will be a small treat for those who receive a food parcel over Easter.

P1100594We talked about the problems that many people are having making ends meet today and then related that back to New Testament times when the poor were being constantly forced into debt and homelessness as the Romans exacted heavy taxes and took people’s land to give it to their rich friends.


Then we cooked up a heap of stir fry as a reward for our efforts. We even managed to wash up. It was a great night as you can see from the photos.


YG – Sunday 13th April 2014

YouthGroup1The YG group will be meeting again this Sunday at 5.30pm until 8.00pm. We will be endeavour to produce another delicious meal as well as to provide an Easter treat for those who will have little food over the period.

We have been invited to meet at the home of John and Hilary Paley, and our thanks go to them.

Sun 13th April – 10 Hirst Wood Crescent, BD18 4BY

All young people welcome!

YG March 2014 – The Latest News

P1100472Last week YG met at the home of Mark and Karen (Thanks guys!). There we embarked on the great pancake make of 2014. First we made savoury and then sweet pancakes. I wonder if you can guess which variety were more popular!

P1100470This was followed by an enormous sugar high, during which Colin shared some thought about the origins and meaning of Lent.


YG – Sunday 9th March 2014

249843_224842104195371_857549_nThe YG group will be meeting again this Sunday. The excitement is already building because we are going to be making pancakes – both savoury and sweet!

Sunday 9th March – 5.30pm @ 42 Kendall Avenue

We will be meeting at the home of Mark and Karen Baguley and our thanks go to them for kindly hosting the evening.

This should be a great night – so bring your friends!

Everyone Welcome

YG Report – February 2014

P1020709There was another superb meeting of the YG group last night. It saw us creating baked potatoes with an amazing array of fillings. However it was the desserts that proved to be our ‘piece de resistance’.


The young people will be sure to tell you that they ate healthily with lots of fruit. However the simple bananas (or in Sarah’s case – persimmon) soon disappeared under a blanket of cream, both the ice and squirty varieties. chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Indeed some of them were quite surprised when they re-discovered the banana underneath!

P1020703The only difficulty then was that the sugar rush made it a little difficult for them to concentrate during our spiritual time – something we will learn from when we come to the pancakes that we have arranged for next month! That being said we all struggled to complete an origami flappy bird (very topical!) and that led us to talk about how much help we needed to be a Christian and some of the things that we found difficult about following Jesus today.

The remainder of the photos can be found on our Facebook page.

YG – Sunday 9th February

249843_224842104195371_857549_nThis Sunday our YG group meets again. YG is designed as a meeting place for young people of secondary school age. We will be gathering at the home of Colin and Katy Blake.

Sunday 12th January – 5.30pm @ 6 Glenhurst Road

We shall be cooking up something interesting for our meal together and Colin will be sharing something spiritual for us to think about.

Everyone Welcome