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P1100158The Youth Group gathered at the home of Kate Beck last night for their first meeting of 2014. There was much activity as we prepared a variety of items for the grand stir fry.

P1100115This was followed by much delight as chocolate was melt and poured over cakes. Then of course the bowl had to be cleaned!

P1100130When this had been achieved some further decoration took place.

P1100121Finally the stir fry was consumed and the Sarah in honour of whose birthday the cakes were made blew out the candles and everyone ate their fill.

P1100153On the spiritual side Colin shared lots of pictures of Jesus and then we talked about what we thought he might have been like and what came to mind when thought about him. It proved quite thought provoking.

249843_224842104195371_857549_nThis Sunday our YG group meets for the first time in 2014. YG is designed as a meeting place for young people of secondary school age. We will be gathering at the home of Kate Beck (Thanks Kate).

Sunday 12th January – 5.30pm @ 33 Hirst Lane

We shall be cooking up a mess of stir fry and a secret dessert. You have to be there to discover the secret!

Everyone Welcome

Another wonderful evening with our young people last Sunday. We began by preparing a meal of turkey bolognaise and bakP1090825ed apples.

But the main activity was our attempts to turn gingerbread men into reindeer! First was made the gingerbread.

P1090831And then we cut out the men shaped biscuits

P1090835These were then put into the oven to cook. We then repaired to the dining room for our meal. After which the decorating took place.

P1090850Here is Megan with one that she made earlier.

P1090849During our time together we talked about transformation. We transformed the raw ingredients of the meal etc into something very special. We thought about how much we had changed over past few years. We also talked about the transformation that God wants to bring about in our lives.


YG – Sunday 8th December 2013

YouthSundayNightbackOur monthly Youth Group Meal events will be taking place this coming Sunday at the home of Kate Beck.

We will probably be trying something Christmassy in terms of food – so who knows what this might mean – a 100 ways with sprouts!

Sun 8th December – 5.30pm @ 33 Hirst Lane

Why not come along and find out – bring your friends and amaze them with your cooking!

P1090556Last night our new Youth Group and the Risen group from St. Peter’s joined together to support the Lights for Syria event and then to share in food and sparklers at the home of Mark and Karen Baguley (Our thanks to them for their kind hospitality).

P1090564The young people mixed well and had an excellent time together.

P1090571The sparklers were also a great success.

P1090639Our thanks also go to Laura for organising things at St. Peter’s and to the young people for taking part.

P1090651The rest of the photos can be fond on our Facebook page.

This Sunday YG (Youth Group) is going to link up with the young people of Risen at St. Peter’s. We are going to begin together at 4.30pmwith the Night Lights for Syria event at St. Peter’s.


The aim is to raise awareness and pray for the persecuted church in Syria. There will be decorating of candle holders, prayer stations for both children and adults, a traditional Syrian meal and a final blessing.

Time: 4.30pm-6pm. Event open to all. Please if you are coming do let me know, either via Facebook or email:, so we can cater for the correct number.

After this events we will all repair to 6 Glenhurst Road for sparklers and barbecue food. We will finish about 8.00pm

Young people welcome.



Our prayer this week asks God to surround us as we journey through the days. In particular, that the Holy Spirit guide us in the choices that we must make.

Lord, this week please help me through
and I ask that you stand before me,
behind me and to each side of me.
Guide me in all my decisions
and aid me in making the right choices for myself as well as others for whom I am responsible.
May this week bring me closer to you
in every way! Amen.

May you know God’s presence as you pray this prayer.