P1100279Yesterday we gathered for our monthly Community lunch and it was a great pleasure for us to make our first visit to John, Hilary and the family in their new home in Hirst Wood. It is a splendid house with huge amounts of room and even a special place for the youngsters to gather.

P1100278The Italian themed meal was excellent as usual although Colin was deceived into thinking that there was no pizza, when in fact it was still lurking in the oven! This is what it looked like after the locusts had visited.


There was much conversation and sharing of news and events with each other. We also asked God’s blessing on the new house and all who live there. Here are words of the prayer for the door that were used.

O God make the door of this house wide enough
to receive all who need human love and fellowship, and a heavenly Father’s care, and narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hate.
Make its threshold smooth enough
to be no stumbling-block to children,
nor to straying feet, but rugged enough
to turn back the tempter’s power:
make it a gateway to your eternal kingdom.

Finally there was a communal washing up!