germanyIt was great to get together for lunch yesterday. We were able to sit around the table as a church family for a fascinating meal reflecting the widely varying culinary tastes of Germany and Argentina. There was  cheese and salami, sausages with little footballs imprinted on argentinian_flag-t2them. We enjoyed beef and quinoa in a Chimichurri sauce followed by Apple Strudel. Thanks to everyone for all the food.

Then we shared together in some thoughts about Journeys. Most of us seem to enjoy travelling especially when the countryside is pleasant to look at. Whoever we all realised that a journey involves a time of transition when we are neither at home or are yet to arrive. This period can sometimes be challenging – perhaps it is why we find ourselves saying – ‘Are we there yet!’

The Bible is full of such stories. Here are some that we considered: Journeys.

They show the liminal nature of journeying with God. There is always a period of transition but in all this journeying God always goes with us.