We continued to work on our Star Project with the aid of the pattern that Kate Beck had discovered. That however was not the only amusement on offer.

We began with this delightful animation ‘La Luna’ from Pixar, which taught us that everyone has to find their own way of doing things. Notice the little boy finds a new way to wear his cap and a different tool to clear the stars. However he clearly still belongs to the team. God calls us to bring our uniqueness to enhance the whole. Also when he breaks the big star it turns out that it is made up of smaller stars – just as the church is made up of individuals.

Then the knitting/crocheting began.


We also enjoyed creating some amazing things using just polystyrene packing peanuts and water. John created a star and Ellie a wonderful representation of the little boy in La Luna.


John also managed to fashion a train – surprise surprise!