Trinity-EHPThis month at Creativitea we celebrated the Trinity with a creation of our very own version of the Rublev Ikon. We began with Colin explaining the ikon to us.

The figure on the left is the Father. He clothes show some blue, the symbol of divinity and a great deal of shimmering colour (sometimes orange, or pinkĀ  or burnt umber). Behind him is a mansion in which there are many rooms.

In the centre is Jesus who robe is half blue and half brown denoting both his divinity and his humanity. Behind him there is a tree symbolising the cross.

Finally on the right sits the Holy Spirit in blue and green to represent divinity and new life. Behind there is a mountain to signify those moments when the Spirit meets us.

190awebWe began with an outline drawing of the ikon, which had been divided into twelve sections. We took turns to colour them trying to hold together the colour scheme. In the end this is what we produced and I hope you will admit that it is a pretty good likeness.

P1110021Thanks to everyone for all your hard work. Especially to Hilary for her superb strawberries and cream.