Yesterday we gathered to create some small prayer lanterns for use at the Lantern Festival at Lister Park on Saturday 19th October.

P1090284The first step was to glue the tea light candles into the lids. Joanne undertook this task.

P1090292Then we inked patterns onto paper which would eventually be wrapped around the lids to provide colourful reflections when the candles were alight. The work of Tobias and Ellie can be seen here.

P1090287These papers were then coated in oil to make them translucent to enable the light to shine through. Karen proved to be the expert in this.

P1090288Hilary set about drying the papers with a hairdryer. Finally Mark, deftly wielding the glue gun, attached the papers to the lids and eventually the prayer lanterns were finished.




we also created some strings of lids to be floated in the Mughal gardens. My thanks to everyone who worked so hard to produce all of these wonderful things.


The rest of the photos can be found on our Facebook page.