A select few gathered for our Easter Celebration. We did however receive greetings from a number of the group who were unable to attend.

We began together with a rousing shout of Christ is Risen – He is Risen Indeed Alleluia! Then using the centre of Bradford as a visual aid, we considered the questions of death and resurrection.

Bradford City centre embodies the Easter message. There are at the heart of the city two features which look at each other across a busy road, one speaks of death and the other of new life.

The Odeon, stands as a symbol of the glories of a previous age.

Now derelict it looks for all the world like a giant tomb. It was a picture palace, a temple of culture but now it is full of death and decay. Jesus refused to accept the constraints of his culture or the regimen of the Temple.

Facing this decaying monument is the new City Park.

This is a new development which is full of life and movement. The emphasis on water, light and colour is symbolic of life. It provides reflections on the courts, city hall, the shops and restaurants of the centre. Jesus held up a mirror to the political, comercial and legal life of his society. He also replaced the religious edifice with a more diffuse personal experience of God. No longer was God trapped within the institution – now he bursts out of the tomb to be with each one of us.

This was followed by a short Powerpoint on the Stations of the Resurrection using some images by Si Smith. Here is a pdf version

Stations of the Resurrection

Here is the reading from Matthew that was read for us. Matthew 28

After praying for our community using a butterfly symbol, we went outside to decorate the Easter Cross.

There was then another excellent lunch and finally an Easter Egg hunt.

The rest of our photos can be found on our Facebook page.