P1100884It was beautiful day at Harwes Farm for our GraceSpace gathering. Andy and Gill our genial hosts kindly welcomed us into their home with copious amounts of coffee and tea.

P1100890In our first session we began by sharing some stories of GraceSpace and what became obvious was that it was not the specific things that we had done together that people remember, but the welcome, acceptance and sense belonging to a family that mattered.

P1100875Colin then went through the possible future that exist for GraceSpace and suggested a traffic light exercise as a straw poll of opinion.

Gracespace Options

The Results were as follows: (updated after the email)

Option Red Amber Green
1 11 2  
2 6 3  
3 3 7  
4 1 6 4
5   2 11
6  1 1 2


The second session allowed people to be quiet or talk in small groups about the future. During this time Julie helped everyone to make beautiful wrapped pebbles. This was followed by an excellent lunch prepared by Andy.

P1100889The afternoon began with session led by Andy and Gill which gave everyone the opportunity to discuss the future without Colin and Katy, who worked with the children. Colin and Katy then joined the session to listen to the feedback. The general feedback was the group wanted to continue to meet and eventually seek independence but were generally willing to investigate a possible link with Wrose under the leadership of Colin as a stage on that journey.

P1100909Finally we went down the Dissenters Well and broke bread together in a simple service.

Our thanks to Andy and Gill for their hospitality and to everyone for working so hard to come to these decisions.