2686731_dc81ac6cIt occurs to me that I talk to people best, and connect with God most, when I am walking – therefore, I thought I would invite you all for walks throughout the summer and September.

As I walk every day anyway, to take Bertie out, it doesn’t matter if none of you turn up, so don’t feel any pressure to come! But it might be a nice way to get to know each other better, and maybe even chat about the future of GraceSpace if we feel so moved.

I have missed the boat for this week, but next week I will be at Hirst Lock at 7.30pm on Friday (15th August). If any of you are there too, you may walk with me and Bertie up through Shipley Glen to the Old Glen House for a pint of the beverage of your choice :-).

If you don’t walk, then please do meet us at the pub at about 8.15pm for a drink. My number is 07950062277, if for any reason you want to txt me.

The week after I am proposing an afternoon walk along the canal to 5-rise locks in Bingley, although I am flexible on the day. If any of you would really like to come to that and have a day you would prefer, then let me know – otherwise I’ll just choose one and let you know what it is.

Blessings to you all,