P1100683Last night we considered the words of Psalm 42. We began with the beautiful worship song ‘As the Deer’ which is taken directly from the first verse of the psalm. However on reading the complete text we discovered that this was not the whole story.

Psalm 42

The psalm seems to contain a discussion which wavers from trust to doubt. The writer trusts in mercy of God and yet feels downcast that the same time. Here lies the reality of faith. It is not all sweetness and light but in all things as the psalmist says ‘I will praise him yet.’

Here are two reflections on the Psalm that we shared:

This led us to think about our hunger for God and that led us to a time of quiet soaking in his presence after which we broke bread together as a sign of God meeting our hunger for him.


Then we joined together in a leisurely supper and attempted to put the world to rights!