P1100303last Night we participated in an Ignatian Examen, which is a spiritual discipline first developed by Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, in the 16th Century.

The intention is to make us aware of the presence of God in the ordinary events of our lives, by asking us to consider a series of questions.

For what am I most grateful?
For what am I least grateful?

Where did I feel most alive today?
Where did I feel most drained today?

Where was I most consoled?
When did I feel most desolate?

As we shared our answers by talking about the events of week, we discovered more about ourselves and how God enters into our lives.


After contemplating the story of the ‘Wedding At Cana’, we responded with two activities.

P1100301Here is the full text of the liturgy we used (with grateful thanks to the Grace community for the original material).

At Home in the World

When the Ikon concluded we repaired to the kitchen to prepare our supper. Soup was heated, melon was sliced and cheese and pate was set forth. Our conversation continued happily until about 9.00pm and then we cleared up the dishes. It was a very special evening of reflection and conversation.