P1090712On Sunday evening we gathered around the table for our Ikon – quaintly entitled ‘No-vember’. The theme was based around the idea that November is usually when we see that Autumn is being replaced by Winter and that can make us feel gloomy.

We recalled that November begins with the festivals of All Saints and All Souls quickly followed by Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day, all of which look back into the past and remind us about the dead. All quite sad thoughts in some ways. However the month ends with the feast of St Andrew who is famous for leading people to new life in Jesus; and the beginning of Advent when we look forward to the good news of the birth of Christ and the new era that was inaugurated by this event.

This reflection was set within a Celtic liturgy for evening worship which can be found here:

Celtic Evening Liturgy

This was helpful in that the Celts not only had a much greater connection to the seasons than we do but also saw death positively as merely part of an ongoing journey with God.