Last night we met at Vicar’s Cafe for another evening of Nooma. This month the DVD was entitled ‘Tomato’ because Rob Bell began by describing his wife’s recipe for Salsa (tomatoes are a the main ingredient). There are appeared to be two streams of thought in his presentation.

1.Living, dying and rebirth is a fundamental rhythm of existence – even the life of Jesus follows this pattern.

2. How image conscious we have become – there is need to die to ourselves and to live for God.

The film illustrated these theme by showing a variety of people responding to the world around them prompted by a strange man with a red umbrella and red trainers, whom we supposed to be a tempter of some sort (opinion was divided). These people filled their lives with following their desires and yet seemed ultimately unfulfilled.

As usual our thanks go to Steve and Eileen for an excellent vegetable chilli, with all the fixings.