(c) Auckland Castle; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationOur prayer this week comes not from the ancient traditions of the church but from John Cosin a 17th century Anglican Bishop of Durham.

The prayer is divided into two halves. In the first author asks Jesus to be everything to him.

In the second his response is to offer himself completely to God. It is an equation that we need to remember. If we want more of God then we must allow him to have more of us.

Lord Jesus, be a light to my eyes,
music to mine ears, sweetness to my taste,
and full contentment to my heart.
Be my sunshine in the day, my food at table,
my repose in the night, my clothing in nakedness, and my succour in all necessities.
Lord Jesus, I give you my body,
my soul, my substance, my fame,
my friends, my liberty, and my life.
Dispose of me and all that is mine
as it may seem best to you
and to the glory of your blessed name. Amen.
John Cosin