stcolumbThis week we draw again on the Celtic tradition for our Prayer of the Week. The prayer was written by Columbanus. He was born in 543 in Ireland, and died in Bobbio, Italy, in 615. During his journey from Ireland to Italy, he and his followers had established numerous monasteries in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy, which became strongholds of safety, education, employment, and culture amidst the turmoil of the Dark Ages.

His work across Europe has left a lasting legacy. Robert Schuman, a founding father of the EU considered him an inspiration for modern Europe, stating on 23 July 1950 in Luxeuil, France, “St. Columbanus, this illustrious Irishman who left his own country for voluntary exile, willed and achieved a spiritual union between the principal European countries of his time. He is the patron saint of all those who now seek to build a United Europe.”

Who says that Christians cannot have any effect on the world in which they live!

I beg you, most loving Saviour,
to reveal yourself to us, that knowing you,
we may desire you,
that desiring you, we may love you,
that loving you we may ever hold you
in our thoughts.
May your charity possess us,
and your love own us,
and may your affection fill our senses. Amen.
From a prayer written by St. Columbanus