lens1905483_1265088909Saint-Brigids-Cross-IrelaThis week we take our prayer from St Brigid who is remembered on 1st February. Brigid is associated with a cross made from rushes and there is an interesting story attached to this cross.

On St Brigid’s Day each year a cross is blessed and placed in homes and outhouses as an extended prayer – to repel the dark powers of evil and hunger that may have got a hold during the winter, and to invite in the light and provision of God.

This custom stems from the account of how Brigid nursed and witnessed to a pagan chief. To help make the Gospel clear to him she made a cross from the rush matting, and he subsequently became a Christian.

Those who observe this custom take rush crosses to their homes, and to outhouses and places that were not used much in winter but which will be needed in the warmer days of the growing season. Perhaps, in your life, a greenhouse or shed, a weekend caravan or boat, a business or sporting location will soon come back into use. Why not, physically or in your mind, bless these places? Indeed, why not look ahead and make sure that there will be no ‘no-go areas for God in your life?


Father God,
Circle this place by day and by night.
Keep far from it all that harms,
bring to it all that is good.
May this place be fragrant
with the presence of the Lord,
God’s peace be always here
and in those who dwell here. Amen.