Rivers-of-Living-Water-940x250The choice of this prayer might seem somewhat ironic at a time when rivers up and down the land are bursting their banks and flooding the countryside. However just as in the Bible and Shakespeare etc. the external weather conditions reflect upon the state of the heart, so too, the external chaos of the flooding may reflect on our own need for a new experience of the living water of Christ to spring up within us. Hence our prayer for this week.

God of all blessings, we come thirsty for you,
Needing rivers in the deserts of our hearts,
We search for your grace to well up in us
as water from a spring
And we ask for tenderness of heart
and strength of soul.
Choose us this day, gentle God,
and we shall be chosen.
Fill our hearts with your love
so we may your witnesses,
As was the One we follow,
Even Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen