P1020709There was another superb meeting of the YG group last night. It saw us creating baked potatoes with an amazing array of fillings. However it was the desserts that proved to be our ‘piece de resistance’.


The young people will be sure to tell you that they ate healthily with lots of fruit. However the simple bananas (or in Sarah’s case – persimmon) soon disappeared under a blanket of cream, both the ice and squirty varieties. chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Indeed some of them were quite surprised when they re-discovered the banana underneath!

P1020703The only difficulty then was that the sugar rush made it a little difficult for them to concentrate during our spiritual time – something we will learn from when we come to the pancakes that we have arranged for next month! That being said we all struggled to complete an origami flappy bird (very topical!) and that led us to talk about how much help we needed to be a Christian and some of the things that we found difficult about following Jesus today.

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